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A monthly reading experience curated by leaders, for leaders.

In a growing and fast-paced market, your time is valuable. You want to accelerate your professional development, but doing so requires you read books that matter, not waste your time.

With LeaderBooks™, you can enjoy cutting edge insights alongside a peer community hungry for growth.


Discover how LeaderBooks™ equips leaders with fresh, actionable insights each month

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Your Monthly LeaderBooks Experience

  • An email announcing Michael's chosen book and links to purchase in your preferred format
  • A downloadable and editable Activation Guide to apply what you learn
  • A straightforward reading plan to finish books in 2 weeks or less
  • Executive summaries to grasp the big ideas of each book
  • Michael Hyatt’s proprietary book InSIGHTS framework to retain more information
  • A list of related books, podcasts, articles, and interviews to help you go deeper
  • Recommended, ready-made action steps to instantly guide you in your leadership
  • Access to the exclusive LeaderBooks online portal and mobile app to network with like-minded leaders and access your resources
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A Simple Process to Accelerate Your Professional Development

Anticipate Michael's announcement of his chosen book for the month, and then order your copy.
Spend just 30 minutes a day reading to complete your book fast.
Use the Activation Guide to record your notes and deepen your understanding.
Collaborate with peers to gain new insights.
Translate your notes into action steps to transform your leadership.

Stay on the Cutting Edge of Your Industry

Each month, LeaderBooks™ features a new focus to expand your insight and invite innovation. Past topics include ...

  • How to achieve peak performance in every area of life
  • How to overcome beliefs keeping you and your team stuck
  • How to develop your team’s culture and inspire greater results
  • How to optimize your mental energy for greater thinking and decision making
  • How to prioritize restful routines in an achievement-driven society

With a new focus each month, you can generate more innovative and industry-defying ideas to further develop your leadership.

See What Leaders Have to Say

“LeaderBooks has helped me to fully realize how having daily habits/disciplines can really move the needle on personal and professional goals.”

ML Quisenberry

“LeaderBooks books have been so stimulating and exciting to me personally and professionally. They require new thinking and cause me to see areas where I can grow and improve myself to reach my goals.”

Lily Pevear

“Each book brings a different perspective on how other businesses are successful and provides opportunities to add or adapt or just remember strategies to grow my business and myself.”

Marilyn Strong

“The Activation Guides and daily reading plans provide motivation and there is enough slack in the schedule to make keeping up realistic.”

Steven Godfrey

“The consistency and rhythm of reading each day, with margin for the weekend, has helped to broaden my understanding and focus. Reading books that I probably wouldn't have found on my own with the insights from the Activation Guide has been a lid-lifting experience.”

Tom Roepke

“LeaderBooks has led me to books I would not normally pick for myself resulting in new and innovating ways to look at leadership, communication, productivity, and personal development.”

Craig Jerome

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Michael Hyatt

About the Head Curator, Michael Hyatt

Michael Hyatt is a New York Times bestselling author, entrepreneur, and CEO of a fast-growing Inc. 5000 company. As a former CEO of one of the top 10 publishers in the country and over 33 years of experience in the publishing industry, Michael is equipped with the understanding and wisdom that’s perfect for choosing transformational books to guide your leadership.

As a leadership mentor to thousands around the globe, Michael is experienced in reaching major milestones and leading others to personal and professional victories. He reads 50 books a year to equip himself for every new challenge, especially in business and leadership.

With LeaderBooks, Michael has made it easy for you to excel as a leader (and a reader) as well.

Have More Questions?

Find answers to your pressing questions about LeaderBooks™ here. For anything not listed, feel free to contact our customer experience team at support@leaderbooks.com.

A monthly subscription to LeaderBooks is only $19.99 per month.

Conferences and workshops will cost you thousands of dollars, especially when you count up transportation, meals, and hotel expenses. LeaderBooks is an economical way to keep growing as a professional without having to sign up for programs, classes, or events (or consult your budget all the time).

At least 10 days before the end of the month, you'll receive an email with links to buy Michael Hyatt's chosen book for the month from your favorite retailer. You'll also be able to download your Activation Guide then. The Activation Guide includes executive summaries, discussion questions, a reading plan, and Michael's inSIGHTS framework to aid your retention of the material.

Each month, Michael will share with you his chosen book of the month. We will then provide links to purchase the books from your retailer of choice. With this option, you can choose whichever format works best for you: audiobook, print book, eBook, etc.

While we’ll do our best to ensure the book we choose is available for purchase in every country, not all books that are chosen will be available in all formats in all countries.

No. LeaderBooks is delivered digitally, so you never have to deal with losing your professional development in the mail.

While we try to pick books that are new on the market, there are times where you’ve already read the book we choose. For this scenario, you can either reread the book with our community or just participate in the discussions. You will still be able to participate in the community and gain the insights to grow your leadership.

Each book comes with an Activation Guide.

Think of each Activation Guide as a comprehensive, elite "cheat sheet" that will give you key points and action steps—and ensure that you never miss what matters.

Every Activation Guide includes...

  • A reading plan to finish your book in 2 weeks or less
  • An executive summary of the book that highlights important quotes and ideas
  • Michael's InSIGHTS™ framework for taking notes and remembering what you read
  • Action steps for implementing the important principles laid out in the book
  • A list of related books, podcasts, articles, and interviews so you can go deeper into the subjects that interest you most

Yes, you can cancel your subscription anytime. However, if you’ve received the upcoming month’s Activation Guide and book links, you will be able to cancel, but will not receive a refund for that month.

In order to be refunded or not be charged for the next month, the cancellation request must come through prior to 10 days before the end of the current month.

You will be charged on the same day each month that you originally purchased your subscription. For example, if you purchased LeaderBooks on March 14th, you would be charged on April 14th.

Once you place your order, you’re set to be a part of our March reading experience. This means, you will receive an email 10 days before the end of this month with your Activation Guide and purchase links for March’s book. You won’t have access to the materials until then.

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